Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada
Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada

If you live in Philippines...


If you are a nurse or a teacher, or if you are currently working as a caregiver and can show that you have been working at least 12 months in a paid employment as a caregiver for children or elderly people, you DO NOT have to enroll in a special course for caregivers.

You DO NEED to have at least higher secondary education - in the Philippines educational system that means that you have to have at least a high school diploma AND a 2- or more year post-secondary degree or certificate and at least 12 years of education. If this degree is in nursing or teaching, you may qualify without having a special course or without experience. If it is not in nursing or teaching, you may qualify if you can show that you have worked at least 12 months as a full-time and paid caregiver even without completing the course.

If you are in doubt, please fill out our form for caregiver or send us your CV - we can tell you whether you can qualify without taking up the caregiver course.

It is very difficult to find employers for caregivers from Philippines. The long processing times often discourage families from offering the job to someone from Philippines. If someone offers you to find you a job fast, be careful - there are many disappointed nannies and caregivers from Philippines who arrive to Canada only to find out that there is no employer waiting for them.

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Mary-Chris, caregiver in Canada

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