Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada
Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada

Open work permit in Canada

When you apply for permanent residence, you must ensure that you still have a valid work permit and that you are working for the family for which the work permit is issued. Once you have received a favourable assessment of your application (approximately 6 months after its submission), you may apply for an open work permit. This will allow you to take any job you wish until you are granted permanent resident status. You will not receive your permanent resident status immediately. Normally, many people apply for permanent residence in Canada and you must wait your turn.

If you are a client of T&CS Canada, you will have the advantage of using services of professional and licensed immigration consultant. All issues related to your application for permanent residence, open work permit, and other issues, will be dealt with by T&CS Canada.

New nannies

Mary-Chris, caregiver in Canada

28 years old

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