Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada
Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada

Applying for permanent residence in Canada

You need to complete at least two years of employment as a live-in caregiver to be able to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Please note that the two-year requirement does not include any extended time away from Canada. For example, if you go away on vacation for three months, that time will not be included as part of the two years of employment.

If you leave Canada for more than one year or if your employment authorization has expired, you will have to reapply to the overseas visa office to return to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program. Program participants who wish to return permanently to their home country and leave the program are free to do so at any time. Adequate notice should be given to the employer.

You should realize that your application could be refused if you misrepresented your education, training or experience to the visa officer when you first applied under the program.

If you apply to stay in Canada, you must complete an application for permanent resident status. At that time, you must prove that you worked as a full-time live-in caregiver for two years. To prove your two-year work record, you can use a statement of earnings or T4 forms as well as any other documentation you feel would help to prove your work record.

If you changed jobs since your arrival, you should have a Record of Employment (ROE) from each of your former employers. You will not have an ROE for your present job. If you have used your ROEs to apply for employment insurance, CEC staff can help you get copies if you need them.

Your application for permanent residence in Canada will not be assessed on the basis of your financial situation, skills upgrading in Canada, volunteer work, marital status or the number of dependants you may have back home. However, you could be found to be ineligible for permanent residence if you, your spouse or any dependent child has a criminal record or a serious medical problem. It is very important to start your employment with all information disclosed upfront. Nobody can help you if, during processing of your application for permanent residence, new negative information comes up and it will be the reason for refusal.

Live-in caregivers who work in Quebec will also be assessed on additional criteria, including knowledge of French, by provincial authorities. You will have to obtain the Certificate of Selection if you intend to immigrate to Quebec.

If you came to Canada with T&CS Canada, you are entitled to a 50 % discount on this service should you decide to retain our services for your application for permanent residence. We will take care of all details and documentation for you and make this as painless as possible.

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