Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada
Live-in nanny and caregiver program in Canada

Your work permit in Canada

A work permit will allow you to work in Canada as a live-in caregiver. The work permit is usually valid for one year. You will be allowed to apply for extension of the permit if your employer extends your contract or if you find a new employer. Make sure that you apply for the extension before it expires - ideally, you will send it at least 10 weeks before the expiration date. We will prepare the application for extension for you - but it is your responsibility to contact us at least 3 months before the current work permit expires.

You will need a letter from your employer stating that your job as a live-in caregiver is being extended for another year or an employment offer from a new employer. Don't forget that if you find a new employer, he will need his own approval from the HRSDC.

Your work permit allows you to work only for the employer named on the work permit. However, this does not mean you cannot change employers. You may change employers for personal or other reasons. You must apply for and have received a new work permit before you go to work for the new employer. Both you and your employer must be aware that you are free to change employers while in Canada. Immigration Canada will not deport you for looking for another place to work. You cannot accept employment except as a live-in caregiver nor can you go to work for a new employer, even for a "trial period" until you have a new work permit.

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